Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yummy lotion!

I recently ordered a bar of yummy smelling Au Chocolate hard lotion. It smells just like dark chocolate, and feels so good on my hands (that tend to be very dry from all the hand washing I do all day long). Well, it seems that Miss C got her hands on the tin, and got it open. Miss C is a great eater, she tends to go for the more complex "adult" flavors, but is very good about not putting other things in her mouth....
She took several bites out of my lotion bar! It seems that it must not only smell just like dark chocolate, but taste like it too! (There was an adult on duty, I'll let you guess who.) I love that though these lotion bars are not intended for oral consumption they are safe and natural! No worries of the poor baby being poisoned! Every time she sees the tin now she says "num, num" and tries to get it!


  1. She is SO cute!

    I have a problem with dry hands, too. I am always too impatient to work lotion into my skin because I am always washing my hands again, and it seems like a waste of time.
    I am excited about trying this hard lotion.

    ☺ Hope