Monday, June 27, 2011

A carnival for charity

This past week-end we were so blessed to be able to go to a carnival that is put on annually by a family to raise funds for various charities (this year the proceeds are actually going to fund the family's one year mission trip to Africa!). Several of our friends have been involved in helping to put this on for years, so we were excited to not only go have a fun family day, but to be able to fellowship with some wonderful friends too!
The kids played games for hours, and even Miss C got to get in on some of the action!

*Miss E trying to "hold" a mentos and coke in her mouth!
All of our kids won fish at the goldfish toss.

We could not pass up the chance to let the kids dunk our good friend (and host for the night) Mr. G.

The weather was wonderful (though a bit hot in the sun). Just in case anyone reading (Grandmas?) is concerned about me and the baby spending so much time in the heat--- half way through the day I parked myself (and Miss J) at the cake walk table, where our friends the "R" family were running the show and I just stayed there in the shade. Miss J was able to eat her snow cone and then go play a few games when Rob and the kids came by, and I was able to visit with friends and rest while still enjoying the fun!
There were also way too many prizes given out and tickets redeemed for more prizes.On our way out we stopped to let some of the kids ride the horses.


  1. What a great idea to host something that is so much fun for everyone and for such a great cause! It looks like your group had a very fun time =)

  2. That looks like so much fun. Glad there was a shady spot for you to rest. Love the picture of Miss C. She looks so grown up!