Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer School being productive!

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Summer is not just for playing and messing around; it's a great time to get things done! Since we don't have to be so focused on school, we have a bit more free time that can be used for projects we have not been able to get to.

This summer it is all the more important that we be productive and not just sit around (or play around). I have plenty of projects that I need to work on such as planning school for next year, sewing, organizing, preparing for baby, and preparing for our move! Whew! I'm going to need some help to get all of this done!

- Every Monday until I have the baby we will focus on one room/area of the house to de-clutter, organize and clean. This should get the house mostly ready for the move. The rooms may get messy again, but at least it will be an organized/de-cluttered mess that the movers will be packing up!

- Rob has been working on some bookshelves, and our boys have been helping him where they can. They have been sanding and even staining the wood for us!

- I'm trying to remember to delegate some of the simple projects that I need to do to the older kids. They like being involved in the school planning process, and my older kids can help me put together some of the activities for my little ones.

Miss E noticed some simple sewing repair jobs that needed to be done and asked if she could do them. I had not even thought of asking her to help me with this! She did a great job, and it was something I didn't have to do!

- There are outside projects that need to be done to prepare for the move too, like cleaning off the outside furniture and playhouse/play set. My bigger kids can do these jobs closer to when we are ready to move, but the little ones will have a good time helping with this too!

What about you? What are some projects that you need to get to? How can you use this time to be productive, AND involve the kids? Please link up with your summer projects and activities! Next week I'll post on finding service opportunities this summer!

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  1. Stopping by from the Hop. I will have to find something to post so I can link up!

  2. Summers are definitely not a lazy time around here. We are in the middle of a big remodel of our little old home. We are doing the room by room system that you are tackling. However, our summer has already been so busy we haven't gotten very far.

    I'm linking-up a post I did this week on planning an affordable family vacation and a FREE printable travel packing list for the children. Each of the children are responsible for packing their own clothes and toys for the trip. This is a "real-life" way for them to use their reading and organization skills during the summer.

    jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa