Thursday, June 16, 2011

first summer day!

Ah, our first day that felt like Summer (for here)! It made up for many of us waking up feeling sick this morning. None of us are feeling too bad, just dragging and some stuffed up noses.

To make use of the beautiful day we spent the morning playing outside, including walking down to the tennis courts to let the kids kick balls around.
Miss E seemed to be suffering from a migraine (that had improved quite a bit since this morning) so she brought a book to read in the shade. Mr R took Miss C for a walk around the court a few times.

Mr. S found a dying bee and thought that was pretty cool!

FYI, we're back to the chilly, windy, cloudy days we had been having. Today's walk was not nearly as fun, and everyone was itching to get back inside once we did get home. Summer is on its way though (or so I suspect!). I'll be happy with what we have now though, knowing that next year by this time I'll most likely be wishing for days like this (we're moving to Arizona in September).

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  1. Sorry you were all feeling sick but it looks like a fun day outside!