Friday, June 10, 2011

June move to-do list

I started feeling bogged down the end of last month and earlier this month with all I had ahead of me to do. A bit of re-evaluating, and some R&R helped with that and I've been getting back to work on my To-Do-List. Most of my May list was completed, a couple of things spilled over, but a couple of things on my June list were taken care of in May! It all works out!

My list for June-

-Summer break planning (DONE!!!!)

-School planning

-Sewing- skirts for Miss E, bag/purse for Miss E, Winter P.J's (once these things are done I get to move on to baby sewing!)
It looks like a short list with only three major categories, but two of those are BIG! I'll tackle the sewing projects one at a time. Whatever is not done by the end of the month (besides the baby stuff) gets put away until after the move. What a load off just to realize that while it would be best to get these things done now they don't NEED to be done now! Setting those boundaries actually has spurred me on to get them done, but in a freeing way!
I've spent quite a bit of time working on the School Planning this week. Since I'm working on Pre-school/1st grade right now, I was able to involve the kids in getting some of this together. Miss E helped me make up some cutting pages, and the little ones helped me make copies of coloring pages and such! I put together all of the needed materials for some crafts and activities. I started working on August this week and have gotten all the way through to October (which is mostly done!) and partly into November. Yay! Everything is neatly tucked away in my big school binder to be pulled out when I need it! I need to get through February and then I'll start working on planning for the older kids and some unit studies. What a blessing it will be to have crafts and activities for my little ones to do, and school assignments for the older kids as I'm nursing the baby and unpacking boxes!

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