Tuesday, June 7, 2011

an encouraging visit with friends!

This past week-end we went to visit some dear friends. We've been looking forward to this visit for quite a while, so even though I'm starting to feel the third trimester we were excited to go. Boy was this visit exactly what I needed! I think I'd been feeling overwhelmed thinking about all I had ahead of me to do, and just life stuff.The Jones family (and their wonderful neighbors, which also happen to be family) are such wonderful families. The time with them was filled with sweet moments and encouraging conversations. It was just the "pick-me-up" I needed! I still came home to loads of things to do, and none of the "life stuff" disappeared, but God's gifts of love, grace, dear friends, and a wonderful family make it all so much easier! Sometimes what is needed is just a moment to sit back and soak it all in!

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