Saturday, October 15, 2011

The baby whisperer

Mr. R has recently acquired a new nick name, one he is very proud of. I'm calling him the "baby whisperer." He has always been good with Mr. K, getting him to take the pacifier even when I could not, and calming him with some sweet pats, but now he is even putting him to sleep! I think he got that from my Papa, who seemed to be able to calm any baby.

Would you believe this little guy was REALY crying just a couple minutes before this picture was taken? Then big brother came along and rescued him and everything was wonderful!
Moments later I took this picture!
Maybe he just likes red heads? Miss J kept him happy for quite some time just playing in his view and talking with him. He also seems to be extra generous with his smilles when she is around.


  1. Those first couple pics- Mr. K has an expression that seems to say, "I know I am not going to be able to keep fussing, even if I want to!" Resistance is futile.