Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two months!

Mr. K is two months old now and recently we made it in to meet our new doctor for his two month well baby. He is just over 11 pounds now, which means he has slowed down a bit as far as weight gain, but thats not a bad thing. He is right where he should be as far as weight and height.

Mr. K has been giving us more smiles and recently started trying to engage us in conversations. We love hearing his coos and the little girls just love it when I translate for him! He seems to be partial to Mr. R and Miss J, which is funny to see happening so early on. His little arms and legs are going more and more; from time to time he even manages to kick a toy or grab some hair!

Mr. K has some tummy problems, it seems his little body just can't handle any dairy even just passed through his mommy. That means I'm on a no dairy diet, which is truly and act of love for me to him! I love dairy, but I love my little guy more! ;) With the tummy problems napping during the day has been a bit rough for him too, but he sleeps 9+ hours at night so I can't complain too much about the day time sleeping habits.

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