Thursday, October 27, 2011

Locked out!

We were heading out this morning to run errands. Kids were loading up and I had just put Mr K in the car. I was on my way back into the house to get the keys and diaper bag when a certain young man was being very thoughtful and helpful by locking the door behind himself since he was the last one out the door. Oops! Everyone had done such a good job checking to make sure all of the other doors and windows were locked that there was no way in! The kids got to spend some time playing outside while we waited to be rescued.

Our hero (Daddy) arrived to save the day. With only about a 1/2 hour delay we were able to get on our way to running our errands. Lesson learned by all: Check to make sure someone has keys before locking doors, and to stop and make sure that what you are doing truly is helpful.

*I'm not naming names. This young man felt so bad about what he had done. I explained to him that I appreciated what he was trying to do; he was trying to keep our home safe and help his mommy. Despite that he still felt bad that we were all locked out and that daddy had to come home and rescue us.

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  1. Sweet boy - he's being a man and keeping the family safe while Daddy's at work. Now he's learned a little more about locking up and will be a master locker-upper! :)