Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A fall, broken plate, cut chin, urgent care, and NO stitches!

This morning Miss C was trying to help set the table and tripped while holing a plate. She had a couple of itty bitty cuts, a fat lip and a small deep cut on her chin. The cut on her chin was in need of attention. I stopped the bleeding, cleaned it; and after holding it closed for a while put a butterfly bandage on it. After talking with Rob we decided that it would be best to at least have it seen to make sure we had done our best to prevent scarring. So after being in town for just over 3 weeks we headed over to Urgent care.
The cut was checked to make sure there were no small pieces of the plate still in there, cleaned and steri-strips were put on. This was about what we had expected would be done. We didn't want stitches since that would leave more scarring, but wanted to make sure the cut would stay closed and heal properly. The steri-strips will stick better and keep her from opening it back up. I'm going to be picking some of those up so that we can avoid further trips to urgent care for this sort of thing.

I'm so proud of my big kids. They did exactly the right things in this situation. Though I was in the room some were closer to Miss C and reminded her to stay still until I could get to her so she would not step on broken glass. They also reminded Miss J to stay away from the glass. Mr M quickly got his shoes on and carefully cleaned up the broken plate with some help from Mr. R. They all remained calm and followed my instructions well so that I could care for Miss C. Miss E even helped keep Miss C calm and still while her cut was being cared for in Urgent care. Mr. K had decided that he needed to be fed RIGHT NOW, so I was caring for him. What a blessing to have such helpful big kids, and it was good practice should we have a real emergency in the future.


  1. So pleased the first emergency was so easily and well managed by all. Praise God!

  2. So glad Miss C was not hurt more seriously!! You are doing a great job in raising your children!!

    Love, Heather

  3. Love those kiddos! So glad Miss C is ok. I can't believe you were already at Urgent Care.

    Hugs to you!