Monday, October 3, 2011

removing wall paper

We have quite a bit of wallpaper to remove in our new house. Our movers will not be delivering our household goods until Thursday, so we are spending our days removing that wall paper.
Kids are removing the loose and easy sections, and wallpaper remover goop is being sprayed on walls.
We purchased plastic putty knives for the four oldest kids, and they are making good use of them.

There are jobs for everyone! The little girls are helping to pick up the paper that everyone is pulling off. I purchased a little hand brush and dust pan that are a big hit with Miss J!

Even Mr. K has a job... sleep! He is good at this job and is allowing me to help out around here as well as get sleep at night!


  1. How awesome that everyone has a job to do and is doing it so well! :-) I love the photos!

    Many blessings,

  2. What fun! (and what a great house, from these pics--can't wait to see pics when everything is in its place)