Monday, October 28, 2013

Getting to know Miss A

I've been enjoying some quiet peaceful special days getting to know Miss A.

I neglected to mention in her birth story post that she was born weighing 9 pounds (even) and  21 inches long.  Incase you are wondering, no she was not my largest baby.  Mr. K beat her by 1 ounce.  Two other babies were not far behind Miss A and Mr. K so I guess this would be about normal for my babies.  Two others were right around 8 pounds, what another two were just over 7 pounds.

She was born hungry and let us know it.  During her first 12 hours of life I think I had about 3 hours (total) that I was not nursing her.  I've never seen a newborn able to keep up feedings like this little girl.  No drifting off to sleep mid-feed for her.  Since the feedings were not yet filling her belly, more were needed.   The next 24 hours were about the same; almost constant feedings.   I happen to know that she was not only hungry, but also has no problem using her GREAT set of lungs.

At about 36 hours I noticed her gulping and swallowing more and she seemed a bit more content.  By about 48 hours she was getting her little belly filled and was much happier.  Over night she started giving me 2 hour stretches between feedings and she slept between all of them.  Ah, sleep!


I've been enjoying cuddling with this sweet girl now that her little belly is being filled.  I'm also getting to see her personality a bit better.  Such a sweet little girl she is, and quite content too.  She has been opening her eyes and looking around quite a bit.

She loves a good snuggle.  She does not seem to mind all of the strange faces, voices, and arms that keep coming to check her out.  She has not found it necessary (quite so often) to exercise her lungs, and she is making sweet squeaky noises more often.


What fun we will be having getting to know this little girl in the coming days, weeks, months and years.  What a sweet blessing she is!

*I love the contrast between these two outfits.  Miss C picked the Hello Kitty outfit and was just sure that Miss A needed it (whats not to love about a pepto pink Hello Kitty dress with a ballerina tutu?).  Miss J picked the yellow outfit; Miss J has always had certain maturity about her.


  1. I love the two outfit choices and your comments :) What a sweet baby girl! We are so excited to meet her! I am so glad her tummy is getting filled, and you are getting some rest, and Miss A is not exercising her GREAT :) lungs quite so often!

  2. What sweet pics--and I like both of the adorable fashion shots! ; ) I missed your birth story because my in-laws were here, so now I'm excited to go back and read it! I've been thinking about you and hoping all is well--so great to see the proof here!