Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pregnancy update 39 weeks

Given the number of people checking in with me in recent days I thought I'd post a pregnancy update.  I'm 39 weeks today and the midwife declared Miss A as "cooked" at yesterday's appointment.  Childcare is lined up and waiting.  Bags are packed.  Cupcakes are in the freezer waiting for a birthday party.   We're all just waiting around for the two of us to get this moving.  If I had the ability to get things moving she would be in my arms by now, but its not up to me.  We will just play the waiting game knowing that God knows the very minute of her birth and His plan is good.

Here is a picture I took yesterday after my appointment.  It looks like I just stuck a basketball in my shirt.  It also gives the appearance that I'm "all baby" but if you knew how much weight I have gained you'd know there is no way that is the case.  I'll have plenty of work ahead of me to get back into my regular clothes in the coming months.

In the mean time we're trying to keep up with some school, keeping a bit of order to our days, finishing a few last projects that were low on the to-do-list, and having fun too.

At this point nearly every move she makes can be seen from the outside.  The kids are having fun watching their baby sister squirm around in my belly and poking her to get a reaction.  Mr. K likes to give her kisses and is often sweetly saying to my belly "come out!"


  1. I love the photo! Yes, the pic makes it look so unreal, like there's a ball under your shirt! Clearly that little one has not "dropped" yet--and oh, I'll bet you'll feel good when she does. I remember that stage you are in--big baby pushing up on my lungs and stomach, making it so uncomfortable to breathe and eat. But that's almost all over--just think, it's so soon before you will have another little one in your arms! I am praying right now that your delivery is smooth is uneventful, and that God continues to keep His protection over you and your husband and all your children during these last few days of transition before you are a family of one more. : )

  2. Blessed- Thank you for your prayers! Believe it or not, that is dropped! She will not go any lower until an hour or so before she is born if she is anything like her siblings.