Saturday, October 12, 2013


Today (Saturday) I took Miss E and Miss J to run a couple of errands while Miss C stayed home (to nap) and the big boys cleaned up the garage with Daddy (Mr. K was sleeping too).

It seems Miss C did not think she needed a nap and decided to help Daddy in the garage instead.  At some point she headed inside though.  Rob came in to find this....


She pulled out the bowl, measuring cups, flour, milk, salt etc. and just started mixing.  She was making a cake.  Daddy helped her a bit by pulling out some sugar and cinnamon and helped her get it in the pan (and then the oven).  It didn't turn out, but boy was she proud of herself!

It is good to know that she is quite capable in the kitchen (not that we were in doubt, she is always in there with us), and how she would spend her time if left unsupervised for a bit.  Now she just needs to learn to read so that she can be a bit more successful on her own.  In the mean time I'll have to make up some mixes for her to put together all by herself.

*After tasting it Miss J came to me very seriously to tell me "Don't taste the cinnamon bread, it is salty and green on the bottom"  later she was heard to say "thats nasty dude!"   On the other hand, Mr. K kept going back for more.  Miss C was very sure that Miss A (yet to be born) needed a taste too, so I got to taste it.  It was indeed salty and green on the bottom, but it did have a nice cinnamon flavor to it.


  1. Wow! That's amazing! Did Rob clean up anything before taking the picture? If not, that child is even more amazing than!!! She's neater than any other cook I know! (How old is she anyway?)