Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I want it to shine

Mr. M has been wanting his hair shorter and shorter over the last couple of years. This past year we've taken to buzzing his head with no guard, but that was not enough for him. "I want my head to shine" and "How can I make it shiny?" With Daddy home this week and the boys in need of hair cuts Mr. M was able to talk daddy into shaving his head with a razor (for the record; I was not opposed, just unwilling to do it myself).



This morning I found that he had done his hair by putting coconut oil all over his head to make it shine. I'm afraid he may have to wait until he is in his 30's to get a good shine out of that head though.

*And because I know you want to see more pictures of Miss A....

She has started giving me 3 hour stretches between feedings at night now, is more alert during the day, and continues to nurse very well.  She seems to enjoy being held by all of the big kids and is currently everyones favorite person in the house.

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  1. That is so funny! But I love how you both encourage him. : ) And that baby is just so sweet!