Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Moments of rest and peace

We're in the home stretch here as far as this pregnancy goes.  I most likely have about a week and a half left.  That means I'm huge, tired and ready to be done.  On top of that Miss C came down with a mild cold and it seems that she was kind enough to pass it on to me.  We've been pushing forward with our regular school schedule, but it sort of fell apart today.  I think I'm about done and I was feeling bad about that....

Then I looked around.  Mr. K and Mr. S were sitting together on the couch enjoying apples and playing a game together on the iPad.

Miss E was reading books to Miss C.


Mr. M had offered to read to Miss J and she was really enjoying that.

I'm so blessed that right when I needed that little break, that little pick-me-up; all was right in our world. God had brought such a peace to our home and gave some sweet moments of rest.  I'm also thankful that as I was planning school for this month and next I planned plenty for the kids to do, but not too much.  We're able to relax a bit in these last weeks.  Then Dad can take over for a couple of weeks!

*Mr. R was in the kitchen working on a science experiment.

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