Friday, April 25, 2014

6 months

Miss A is 6 months this week.  She is 15 pounds 9.5 ounces (so she is growing quite nicely).   She is one happy, healthy, and active little girl.  She is sitting up, scooting around, and would LOVE to be able to cruise the furniture on her own (she's not quite there yet).

She is still nursing, and loves it.  Miss A loves to eat "real" food too though.  She is happy as can be to gnaw on teething biscuits, large apple slices, and celery (no teeth, so she can't get chunks off).  Bananas and cantaloupe in her mesh teether are a hit as well.   Spoon feeding her is a big mess, but she loves it too.

Funny faces, massive drooling, and some rough nights are all results of the teething that she is going through right now.  Her first tooth just poked though and the second is not far behind.

Miss A loves her big brothers and sisters.  She is happiest when she is in the middle of all the action; lucky for her we have plenty of action going on here.  She has a sweet open mouth smile that is almost always on her face; it makes me think of Auntie J and the "wide mouth frog" story she used to tell us kids when we were little.

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  1. I love how her expression in all of these is the same! She must be a very sweet-tempered baby. : )