Monday, April 21, 2014

A fun, busy (and blessed) week-end!

We had quite the fun week-end, starting out on Friday evening.  We had been missing some dear friends that we had not been seeing enough of (including "Aunt J" who had yet to meet Miss A!).  We got together for a fun evening of dinner, play, and conversation.

On Saturday we joined a few families at a park for a fellowship meal and a time to catch up.  It seems we were too busy visiting and eating to take many pictures.  The kids had such a good time playing together!

On Sunday (Resurrection Day) we headed up to a church in Phoenix to visit and say "good-bye."  While there we ended up connecting with some new families as well.  We had a great time at church, having lunch at the pastor's house, and fellowshipping with several families.

On our way home we stopped for dinner.  Everyone had a fun time and had some special treats.

We had a great time this week-end.  What a blessing to get to have some great fellowship time; now its time to rest up for the next adventure!

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