Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dairy is still a "no no"

Since he was just a week or so old Mr K has had a noticeable dairy issue.  Even small amounts of dairy can give him an icky tummy.  His digestive system may not show the nasty signs if he gets just a bit, but my night will be shot.  He feels icky and can't sleep peacefully.  Last week he helped himself to a bit of whipped cream that was on the counter.  He spent hours in bed with me tossing and turning that night.

*We're raising a little Trekie.  He loves to watch StarTrek with us.  At least we know how to make him happy on these nights.

Tonight a sweet (older, but not old enough) sibling helped him get some pizza.  That sibling left the mozzarella cheese on the pizza.  By the time anyone noticed; half the slice was gone. :(  He is a grumpy bug tonight and we've faced the fact that he will be hanging out in our room for most of the night.  Hopefully Miss A's teeth will not be bothering her too much tonight.

*Mr. K can tolerate small amounts of cultured dairy products once or twice a week.  Uncultured dairy in any amount is a big "no no" for him.  

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