Monday, April 28, 2014

A spring snow

After enjoying our day at the Grand Canyon we headed back to camp.  The next morning while still in bed we kept hearing whispers of "snow" from the kids.  That was hard to believe after all we could still hear the rain drops coming down.

It seems those drops were leftovers that the tree was dripping on us.  Sure enough, there was a dusting.  It continued through the morning and some of the kids had a good time playing in it.  Despite being ill prepared.

We spent the morning up at the lodge.  This was my view most of the morning (when I wasn't cuddling with her).  Yea, its a rough life.

Everyone enjoyed some time upstairs playing pool, (pretending to) play video games, playing card games and just hanging out.

We headed back to the trailer for lunch and a quiet afternoon.  The big kids had fun firing up the BBQ grill to warm up and roast some lunch.  Mr. K enjoyed some play time out there too.  Miss A was content to hang out with Miss C while she colored some Hello Kitty pictures.

This was a great little vacation; we're somewhat rested and refreshed.  Now its time to head back to the heat and move preparations!

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