Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A little too mobile

I figured that a 6/7/8 month old during a move would not be too bad.  She should be sitting up, maybe moving a bit, but not too much.  I was wrong.  This is one mobile baby.  She wants to be right in the middle of everything, and she is making sure she can get there!  We picked up this cute little garden activity center to give her a contained play area that could be moved around, and a nice change from the saucer that she likes so much.

Within a few minutes of getting her in it she was up on her knees.

Then up on her feet.  What a big strong girl!

I've been seeing this coming for the past week.  I thought that maybe mastering crawling would be enough of a challenge for her, but no.  I guess she will work on that and standing at the same time.

Hey look!  There are toys on this side too!

Hopefully she will be content to play and exercise in here a bit as we move it from room to room working on our move preparations.  Baby gates.  I need to buy baby gates for the new house.


  1. Oh, you are in trouble! She is clearly an adorable imp--and I'll bet she takes on the world with the same open, honest enthusiasm as that big open mouth suggests!

  2. ps: how funny! the word verification for my comment was "move rtnow"!

  3. Blessed- Yes, I am in trouble! It's a good kind though.
    That is too funny about the verification word.