Saturday, May 24, 2014

Blackberry picking!

A friend recently opened up her property for blackberry picking.  We've been super busy; working hard to prepare for our move.  I knew the kids would LOVE to go blackberry picking.  I also knew the kids really wanted a chance to say good-bye to this friend.  The problem?  We had a very busy day ahead of us.  The big kids all got up extra early to get things moving so that we could get out of the house and picking by 8:00.
Miss J was pleased to find that her tiny fingers could get into some tight spots.  We were impressed that she was able to get as many as she did.

I've got some great pickers.  Miss E, Mr. M, Mr. S, and Miss J stuck with it and found so many hidden berries.  They managed to pick enough that Miss E was able to make two large crisps and one small one (to freeze for during the move).  Mr. R hung out with Mr. K and Miss C who were not picking.  Miss A was swooped up by our dear friend and lovingly cared for while I enjoyed picking berries with the kids.  It was a nice relaxing break for all of us, then we were back to the GO!  GO!  GO! of life.

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