Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A special and VERY productive trip!

We've been "baby-sitting" my brother-in-law's truck while he is stationed overseas.  For our move we have 2 drivers, but 3 vehicles that need to be transported (one towing the camping trailer).  The math was not adding up.  We quickly figured out that we would need another driver or trip.  Rob headed up to Colorado this past week to solve this little math problem and while there take care of some stuff with the house (we're moving back into our house we own there, we had been renting it out).

Mr. M was excited to get to go along with Daddy.

They had fun together camping out at the house; and it looks like they had some great quality time as well.
My, it looks COLD there!

They managed to get some work done in the house as well.  Paint colors are chosen and marked on walls.  Arrangements have been made for new flooring in the house.  Some shelving has been made/put in.  I got tons of pictures and measurements so that I can get as much done on this end as I possibly can.

Yes, that is snow.  As my sweet husband said "It looks like Easter!"  Easter in Colorado, that is.  Its a bit late in the spring for this.  Layers, I need to pack layers for our move.  We're gonna freeze.  It's already in the 80's and 90's here.

This was a perfect trip for Mr. M to take with Daddy.  He loves these sorts of projects, and he is good at them too.
I just love this picture of these two hansom guys!

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