Tuesday, May 20, 2014


A few of weeks ago I realized that I had about two months left to do our school planning for next year AND get our house ready for our move.  Oh yea, I also needed to keep up with our basic home life with 8 kids.  Yea, there was some panic there for a bit.  Then I remembered God's faithfulness in the past and that He will be faithful to provide.  Provide, he has!  I've taken a deep breath and rested in His faithfulness.

*This is what my bedroom was looking like a couple of weeks ago.  Stacks of school books covered the floor as I planed out our next school year.  I've been working on job charts as well.   Now I'm really getting into move prep.

This sweet young woman is preparing for a Mission Trip in June.  We count her family among our treasured friends here.  I needed help, and she has a gift with little kids/babies.  We are a great match!  She is sweetly coming over once a week to play with littles so I can work uninterrupted.

"Babysitter J" who goes way above and beyond the title babysitter; is coming over regularly to knock out some jobs for me.  While I'd LOVE to get to work on the embroidery on the kid's new towels; J is more than able to do this job.  Miss E loves helping her.  She is freeing me up to spend time with kids OR get other jobs done that no one else can do.

*Oh, I've also been blessed to have a dear friend down the street offer to take the kids once a week (when needed) in the afternoons so I could get some work done.  What a treasure she is!

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