Wednesday, March 31, 2010

4H day

We received a phone call on Saturday morning from a friend letting us know there was some 4H fun happening at our local fair ground that the kids may enjoy. Since Rob had been so sweet to set aside that day for me to get some sewing projects done, he took five of the kids and just left me with Miss C!
From all reports I've heard they had a great time checking out the animals! They got to see goats, pigs, cows, and sheep! I hear that some of them got to touch them and it looks like Miss E had fun helping to feed a goat!


I'm thinking 4H is in our not-so-distant-future! Miss E would love to have larger animals, but until we get some land she may have to settle for chickens at our next assignment. (we can't have chickens here, or we would already have them!) The other kids would enjoy having animals too, and the responsibility would be good for them, but around here Miss E is the "animal person".

As for me, I was able to get a few projects finished up! I finished a cute cup cake apron that I had cut out nearly a year ago, and made some baby gifts too. I can't post pictures yet since I have not sent the gifts out and I want them to be a surprise! ;) I'll post those pictures later.

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  1. Loads of fun, and sweet Miss E. shared the chocolate kisses she won there.