Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Birthday!

It was Rob's birthday this week and we all had a great time celebrating! For birthdays around here the birthday boy or girl gets to pick all of the foods for the day, and it was no different for Rob! He opened his gifts after Bible reading in the morning and then we had a yummy breakfast of fried eggs, bacon and croissants. We all picked him up to take him to taco bell for lunch, and then dropped him off back at work. For dinner we had lasagna, sausages, and rosemary olive oil bread, YUM! He made his dessert request extra easy for me, he wanted an eclair cake. Mr. M helped me make that. What a fun day!

The kids were a bit concerned that Daddy did not have enough candles. We told them that Daddy was just getting too old for that, that would be A LOT of candles. Once that was pointed out they all agreed that one would be best. LOL! Mr. M had fun lighting the candle though!

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