Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The pig hunt

Rob had been looking forward to this hunt for a while now, and it had been delayed once because of weather. I think it would have been delayed again had the weather man done a better job forecasting the weather!
The kids all cheered as they saw daddy coming out of the hills on the other side of the lake and ran to greet him. Even Miss J was excited yelling "Daddy! Pig! Hot dog! Me! Boom Boom!" -hot dog is how she says sausage- They had fun checking out all of the pigs that were brought in (there were three men hunting)

The kids were looking forward to this hunt just as much or more than their daddy. He was begged by more than one child to please let him/her go with him on the hunt! They had to settle for being there when he brought the pigs in and watch them get skinned. Don't worry, they were not at all upset at seeing the dead pigs or watching them get skinned. They were so proud of their daddy, and thought it was so cool to be in on the action!


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