Friday, March 19, 2010

Kitchen day!

We've switched around the kitchen day "chores" in the last few weeks and everyone is enjoying the new arrangement!

Mr. R is starting to make banana bread on his own and has made two wonderful double batches so far. He is a bit messy, but he is good at cleaning up after himself too, so thats not too bad. Once he gets really good with this recipe he will move on to other quick breads and eventually yeast breads.

Mr. M needs to improve his reading skills before he can do any cooking on his own, but he was happy to help Miss E make chocolate chip cookies for Daddy in the morning. I'm thinking I may not be mixing up many more batches of cookies in the future, these two did a great job and had so much fun while they were at it! I'm happy to pass the job on to them, and I think they will be happy to take it!

Miss E is now in charge of cooking dinner on Thursdays. I don't do any of it, though I'm there to supervise and answer questions. She loves planning the menu and cooking up meals that make her Daddy so happy! I love that this frees me up to do some cooking to fill my freezer on kitchen day without ending the day wiped out. I'm so proud of what a good little cook she is getting to be!

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