Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fun with Grandparents

We took the kids up to visit Rob's parents this week-end. We started off the visit by meeting them for ice cream on our way into town. The kids mostly picked bright colors, and their faces reflected their choices most of the day. Miss J chose chocolate and after a while she realized that my pink peppermint ice cream would mix nicely with hers to make an even better flavor!
Once we got to their house the kids spent hours playing outside in the fun backyard before it rained for the rest of our time at their house. Grandad had set up the train track in the living room so along with all of the other fun toys in the house the kids were happy to play inside!
Our plan was to go to a fun park not too far away on our last day there, but there were some worries that we would be rained out. The morning it was time to head out was a wonderful sunny day so we were able to go to the park (thats for another post though).

The kids had a fun time visiting and spending some special time with their grandparents, and enjoyed their week-end!

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