Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm a Ham!

Rob got his Ham radio license a few months ago and has been eager to get some more Hams in the house. The older kids are so excited about this too, so it looks like it will end up being a bit of a family hobby. Rob has been reading with the kids and testing them so they can get their licenses and call their friends that already have licenses. I've been listening along and doing practice tests too, that way I'll be able to help the kids when Rob is not around.

Today I went with Miss E and Mr. R to take our tests. Mr. R did not even come close to passing, but he had not really expected to pass so he was okay with that (he has been working very hard, but it is quite a bit to learn.), he did have a good time though! Miss E only missed by one point, they even let her take the test again since she was so close, but she missed again by one point (they used two different tests). I passed. So, I guess I'm a Ham now.

This was a great experience for Miss E and Mr. R. They were encouraged by friends they already knew as well as men and women in the local radio club that know Rob (and just other Hams that were there and happy to see more children taking an interest). The men running the test were so kind with the kids when letting them know they had not passed, and greatly encouraged them to keep studying so that next time they could pass. It was so nice that they were made to feel welcome and wanted. I think that when they do pass they will feel a great sense of accomplishment in having earned their licenses! They will get the chance to test again in a couple of months.

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