Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. R!

We celebrated Mr. R's birthday this week-end.  Mr. R is our junk food junkie, and he goes all out on his birthday when he gets to choose the menu.  Breakfast was blueberry eggo waffles (and he figured out that if he asked for them at Costco we would end up with enough for a second breakfast, he is a smart one.).   Daddy let him go to Circle K and purchase any three items he wanted, but they had to be consumed ON that day.

He had plans for his birthday lunch, but they were changed when Daddy asked him if he was interested in going to the picnic on base.  There would be games, bounce houses, candy, hot dogs, sodas, chips....


We slathered on the sun screen.  Donned our hats and had a great time (yea, it was nearly 90 that day.  Welcome to spring in Arizona!).


Mr. R's plans for dinner?  Kraft Mac and Cheese.  His cake?  The Dugger icecream sandwich cake.  He helped me make it.

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