Friday, April 20, 2012

Tea party

Growing up tea was a part of my life.  We regularly had tea at Grandma's house and tea parties became something that were very special, but not at all out of the ordinary.  I've enjoyed passing that tradition on to my children.

I recently saw a post about some tea cups that were on sale that just happen to be my favorite style.  I bought them.  Then I bought the mini version for my little girls. They were almost speechless as I showed them the picture on Amazon. Yes, we started planning for tea parties right away.
**Don't mind the bedhead, she had just gotten up from her nap and was so excited to see the new teacups!

Never before has the UPS guy's arrival been so eagerly anticipated by a four year old.  Miss J knew her new tea cups were showing up and met him at the door.  Within minutes of getting the box open both Miss J and Miss C had decided which cups were their favorites.

I looked at more tea sets, just for the fun of it....

This one is absolutely darling.  Too bad they don't need it.

After seeing the short film The forgotten Martyr Lady Jane Grey Miss J has decided that Lady Grey tea is her favorite.  Now I need to track down the de-caf version.  **No, Lady Grey tea is not named for Lady JANE Grey, but it is close enough.

Miss E has plans for making some special cookies.  She has a great cookie cookbook she likes to use.  Maybe some day we will add this one to our collection?

Or it may be too hot for baking around here, so we may just have to purchase some to have with our lemon aide "tea."

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