Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nearly 8 months, table food, and crawling?

Mr. K has been doing a lot of growing up the past couple of weeks.  He figured out that the food on our table is great, so while I do still give him some "baby food" I try to find something from our meal that he can have.  He seems to love food, and has been happy to try everything I give him.

I could not keep enough spaghetti and veggies on his tray the other night, as I tried to scoop it off of a plate and onto his tray he helped himself by the fist full.

He thinks he wants to crawl and is making steady (but slow) progress towards that goal.  Every couple of days or so I can see that he has some new part of this skill down and is working on something new.  He can now get himself moved around a foot or two meaning I must consider him mobile.  This skill along with feeding himself means we have to be extra vigilant again for little bitty things he may want to put in his mouth.

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