Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! He is risen!

Today feels like an odd Easter.  When my little girls got up yesterday they were obviously sick, we would not be attending Easter services as a family this year.  Last night I spent much of the night up with a crying baby; I thought he was just teething.  He slept a bit and when he got up I could tell that not only was the poor baby teething, but he was also getting sick.

Despite having to stay home Miss J was determined to wear her Easter dress, she had been looking forward to getting to wear it for weeks.  Miss C figured it would be a good idea to pull out a "Sunday" dress too.  They were so cute resting together in their Sunday best.

While this was not how I had planned to spend Easter, it was the very best way I could have spent the day.  We enjoyed some time cuddling and reading Easter books.  This brought some very tender teaching moments of Jesus' love for us, his life, death, and Resurrection; of our sin and need of a savior.

When the rest of the family arrived home we enjoyed a nice lunch and some family time.

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  1. He is Risen Indeed!

    My crew was a little under the weather this past weekend too, but the kids were pretty much better by Sunday morning. I'm the one who got really sick--but since we were visiting DH's parents, thank the Good Lord that my illness was not that bad until Monday, when we were home!

    I am so glad you had such a sweet little time with your sick crew. : )