Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MOMYS houseguests

I'm part of an e-mail loop for large families called MOMYS (Moms Of Many Young Siblings).  We "talk" about all sorts of things, ask questions, and give advice, and help one another out as we can.  When a MOMYS family is traveling sometimes they will will ask if anyone lives in an area they are traveling through.  Finding a hotel room for a large family can be rough.  Why bother when you can meet another family and share some fellowship?

We had the pleasure of hosting the Ramspot family this week (with 8 of their kids).  Mr. Ramspot runs Guys for Life ministry. We enjoyed hearing of their travels, and their ministry.  The kids all had a good time together in the morning and then they were off on their way to their next stop.  What a blessing for us to meet another sweet family and be able to bless them with a home to stay in and a homemade breakfast!

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