Thursday, April 12, 2012

I won The Beast (Saddleback leather)

My awesome husband, Rob, introduced me to Saddleback leather a couple of years ago.  He was drooling and thought I may be interested in knowing why. ;)  I bought him a couple of pieces when he got his PhD which encouraged more drooling; from both of us.

Saddleback recently ran a contest to see who could come up with the best uses for their utility straps, the winner would receive a Beast in the color of their choice.  Rob had a great idea and made a great video showing off that idea.  I thought for sure he would win.

Mr. M was inspired by his daddy and made his own video.  Daddy was very proud of his boys being so excited about Saddleback leather and entered the video for Mr. M.

I could easily think of some funny ways a mom could use the Saddleback utility straps so I made my own video (well actually Rob helped with most of it, but the ideas were all mine!).  I thought the guys at Saddleback would get a good laugh out of the video.  I didn't really think I'd win....but I did!

I'm so excited that I get to bring yet another piece of Saddleback leather into our home for my husband.  Maybe I should get myself a piece too one of these days?  I'm looking at their small totes, one of those would be a nice treat.  Then I'd neet to get a wallet, of course the clutch purse would be handy to throw in there, and then there's...oh I better just stop now. ;)

Oh, and of course I wanted the Chestnut Beast to go with all of Rob's other Saddleback.  It will be his after all.  Thank you Saddleback!


  1. Well if I didn't win, I'm glad it was you! Heh heh. =)

  2. Very creative! Your dad would be so proud :)

  3. All the videos were so cute! Yours did make me laugh. : ) I am so glad you won, and also very sad that I showed my husband The Beast, and Saddleback leather, since I don't know how I forgot for a moment there that my husband loves--I mean LOVES--really big, expensive, well-made "overkill" bags. We had just never seen any before in leather. And now we have, and the image will likely never leave his fantasies. ; )

  4. Rob- You are the best!

    Crystal and Kim- Thanks!

    Blessed- HA! I think this is a fantasy you should let you husband live out. ;) You'll love this stuff too. Maybe you should get a tote, the black and coffee have a bit of a steampunk look for you!

  5. Congrats again from the Saddleback family! You guys are great!