Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

We enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving this year.  Most of the cooking/baking had been done the day before so we didn't spend much time in the kitchen.  Instead we had a slow morning enjoying powdered doughnuts, chocolate croissants, and hot drinks while watching some of the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade (which we decided seems to have gone down hill since we were little, we will be skipping that next year).  Some of the kids pulled out the legos to play with, others went outside to drive go-carts around in the drive way.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch full of too much good food.  The kids were disappointed that we had not invited anyone over this year (or were not going anywhere).  I was not up to planning on having any one over or going anywhere this year though.  We will make up for that in December with visits with friends and family.

Black Friday sales can be fun and a good deal, but they are not a big part of our Thanksgiving (or day after) traditions.  However, we now have a teen daughter.  She needed clothes.  Old Navy was putting everything in their store on sale for 50% off.  Miss E talked me into taking her on Thanksgiving to their 7pm opening.  We took Miss J along; she is a great shopper.  We waited in line to get into the store.  What luck, there was a Starbucks right there! The girls went in and got drinks for us while I waited in line to get into the store.  Then we shopped.  We found way too much, but had a great time.   Then we got in line to pay; the line was about an hour long.
Oh yea, I forgot to mention that I had Miss A with me as well.  We had hardly noticed her the entire trip; she was content as could be sleeping in the baby K'tan strapped to me.  Then she woke up about the time we got in line to pay.  I ended up nursing her while standing in line.  We got some great deals, and (more importantly) we had a great time together.  The girls were tired and ready for bed, until they heard that daddy had suggested I take them to get an evening snack on our way home.  They perked up quite a bit and suggested we go into the mall to see what food we could find there.  We ended up taking pretzels home to daddy so we could enjoy the snack together.

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