Thursday, November 14, 2013

Playing baby

Miss C has been so excited about her new baby doll and the double stroller.  They are just about all she has been playing with.  Many around our house had commented that Miss A would fit in the new double stroller.  Nana finally took the time to put her in for Miss C (no, we did not let her walk around with Miss A in there).

Miss A seemed happy enough in there.


I always pick up some pacies for the new baby.  A few have liked them for a few weeks or so, one stuck with it.  Miss A does not like the ones I got her, and seems to have no need for them.  Miss C thought they would be nice for her dolls.  Mr. K thought he would try them out.  He is too funny!

*Mr. K has adjusted well to no longer being the baby.  He likes Miss A well enough and enjoys giving her kisses.  I think that grabbing the pacie was his way of checking to see if we would still let him be a "baby."   We let him, laughed with him about still being a baby, and he quickly gave it up.  

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