Monday, November 18, 2013

Three weeks and back on my own

Miss A is now 3 weeks old.  She is chunking up well; I'm putting away the 0-3 month clothes.  We spent this past week resting and I observing her routine a bit closer in hopes of getting a better handle on how our days would go.  Today was my first day on my own with all 8 kids.  It went well, especially since I thought it would be fun to take everyone in to the chili cook off in Rob's office.  Then we dropped off our Operation Christmas Child boxes.  Whew!  We were back home early enough to get naps in for those that needed them (including me).

Rob had the week after Miss A off of work (paternity leave), then my mom came to help for a week.  Rob had another week off (regular leave) allowing me a full three weeks of rest and recovery.  We've found that when I get that good recovery time in that the whole family benefits.  We've also been incredibly blessed to have meals delivered by friends for nearly the whole three weeks!


Now it's time to get back to normal.  Daddy kept things in order around the house, so everyone is ready for me to jump in without needing too much re-ordering.  My freezer is full of meals, so I should not have to make dinner again for a while (Miss E is going to help me with getting things started in the crock pot and the finishing touches for the meals).  I'm also thankful that we are coming up on Thanksgiving and Christmas; times of school breaks and extra time off for Daddy!  We will be keeping the holidays low key and just enjoy the family time.

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