Monday, November 25, 2013

One month!

Miss A is one month old today.  Its been a great month getting to know her; watching her grow, seeing her soak in the world around her, and watching her siblings love on her.

This sweet girl is growing like a weed.  She weighs 11 pounds 1 ounce (from a birth weight of 9 pounds even)!  No wonder she is still waking a fair bit in the night to eat.  She is giving me one 4 1/2 (at the most) stretch a night followed by 3 or 2 hour stretches.  Yep, I'm tired.  I'm glad she is growing so well though, and that since we're getting into the Christmas season, I don't have much school to do with the kids. ;-)  We're still taking it slow around here.

Hmmm, who is sleeping in my bed?  Miss A likes to nap in my bed while I rest beside her.


Miss A is having longer wake times, and is much more alert and aware during them.  Today she loved sitting in her bouncy seat near the rest of the younger kids as they played on the floor.  I love seeing my little babies take joy in being with their older siblings.

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