Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bounce house

Yes, we own a bounce house! Mr. M asked us to rent one for him as his birthday gift this year, but we soon realized that for about twice the cost we could just buy a small one (and lets face it, with six kids this request was bound to be made again!). Mr. M got to enjoy it on his birthday as "his" just as if we (and Nana, who helped buy it) had rented it for him, and now we get it out from time to time for a fun treat. Rob set it up yesterday (Friday) before heading off to work and the kids were able to inflate it during the day when they wanted to jump in it (it goes up in about 10 seconds, and down in a minute). They all enjoy it except Miss J, she is scared of it, she would not leave the porch unless in my arms while it was set up. The neighborhood kids also enjoy it, one of the girls from across the street is in the picture.

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