Wednesday, July 29, 2009

rainbow cake, tie-dye shirts, and that cat again!

These are some things so rarely seen in our house that I thought I'd take a picture (though the jello pudding does show up a bit more often). You should have seen the looks on the kids' faces as I put packet after packet of kool-aid into the cart! I think its been over five years since I've purchased any. And my poor deprived children did not even know to get excited about cool whip! LOL!

Miss E mixed up the rainbow cake with very little help (I helped her mix the colors, and put it in the oven, that was it). I found the idea for it on this site and thought it would go well with the activity I had planed for the day-- tie dying t-shirts.

The kids had a great time planing out their shirts. They all chose where they wanted their rubber bands on their shirts and the older three put theirs on as we talked about the colors we would be using and how some would be brighter and/or mix better with others. Then they all helped me mix up the colors (they loved smelling the kool-aid as they did this!), and get things ready out
side. All but Mr. S took this job seriously, even Miss J inspected all of the colors (shirt in hand) before tossing her shirt in the blue! Mr. S just went bit nuts throwing his into bucket after bucket. His was the first one done. Once Mr. S and Miss J were done they entertained themselves playing with some clothes pins in the yellow bucket, had it been any other color this would have been a problem, but they only liked the yellow. Mr. M went for the simple red and blue, so he was done quickly, but he had given it quite a bit of thought and was sure this was what he wanted. Miss E and Mr. R however had grand plans for exactly what colors they would be using and where (both wanted to use all of the colors). They each took their time and gave much thought to the process. I was pleased with how well these turned out, and I'm guessing we'll do this again some time. The shirts are huge, but they will make great sleep shirts.

As for that cat. I found her sleeping with Miss J when I went to get her up from her morning nap. I think she is nesting. This is the third pregnancy I've been through with this cat,
and around this point in pregnancy she tends to want to sleep in either the crib or some other "baby space" like a bassinet, changing table, or play pen. I find her in Miss J's crib at least once a day now. She will give it up after the baby is a couple of months old. It is funny how she knows these things though, she also knows almost as soon as I do that I'm pregnant. She never sits with me unless I'm pregnant, and then she is always trying to sit on my belly!

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