Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cookies and a bike

Mr. R has been asking for months to make cookies to take to his friends (neighbors), he is such a sweet boy and loves to do things like this for others. Now that I'm feeling better and our trip is over we were able to do this today! He did a great job helping to mix up a triple batch of snickerdoodles. Most impressive was that he stuck to shaping ALL of them into balls and rolling them in the cinnamon sugar, let me know when they were ready to go in the oven/or the timer went off (I was outside with the other kids), and then arranged them on plates to take to his friends, and he never once asked to eat any! (don't worry, he has had plenty both before and after eating all of his dinner!) He was so happy to be able to serve his friends and family in this way, and he was so diligent in his work!

In the mean time all of the other kids were playing outside. Miss J asked Miss E to help her get
the helmet on and then help her get on the bike. Miss E took her up and down the sidewalk a few times and made Miss J quite the happy "big girl"! Miss E sure is enjoying having a little sister, and is so good with her.

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