Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just like Uncle Dan please!

Mr. M wants to be a soldier, Uncle Dane IS a soldier(army). Uncle Dan is cool. He brings MREs and light sticks when he visits. He talks about shooting things and blowing things up. Mr. M LOVES Uncle Dan and wants to be just like him, so when it was time for a hair cut yesterday Mr. M asked that I cut it "short, just like Uncle Dan". Since it is sumer and we have no big plans for pictures or anything else he needed to look "good" for, I figured we may as well. Not that Crazy Uncle Dan looks silly or anything, its just that he has an "army" haircut, we tend to go more for the "Air Force" look!



He looks cute (how could he not), but I don't think this will be his regular "do". It was fun to try though

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