Sunday, July 26, 2009

I have a laundry fairy!

Before you start getting jealous of me, wishing that you had a laundry fairy, remember there are good fairies and there are those naughty little fairies that seem to cause trouble wherever
they go. While I know ours is a good fairy at heart, she needs some training, and in the meantime she comes off as more of a naughty little sprite! When she sees a basket of laundry she just can't help but empty it out (her favorites are the baskets of FOLDED laundry, that are waiting to be put away), or if she sees someone folding laundry she loves to "help" by grabbing all the items she can and transfers them back into the laundry basket. A pile of unmatched socks is pure joy to her; she loves to grab them to "sort" them and "put them away", usually while Miss E and Mr. R are frantically working to match them up before the laundry fairy gets to them and spreads them all over the living room.
There is one job that she has mastered and truly is helpful with: she LOVES to take clean clothes out of the dryer and then push the laundry basket into the living room to be folded. She has been watching the big kids do this for quite some time, and seems to have mastered the skill, though she does still need some supervision.

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