Thursday, July 30, 2009

not all fun and games

Just incase you were thinking that all we do around here is play, I'll fill you in on what else we've been up to. I've been planing this coming school year, I spent at least an hour every morning for the last three weeks planing, making copies and organizing so that we will be prepared to keep up with school even through the birth of Miss C and the holidays! Each of the kids has his or her own binder with all of the work sheets he or she will need for the year (this includes directions for crafts and the pages from activity books needed for the crafts, and other activities). Mr. R took this picture of me in my corner where I did most of this work. I planned all the way through to March, I figured I should leave some open space in the spring to make up for any time lost, spring break and anything else that may come up. I also re-figured our chore list and assigned new chores, so in the next couple of weeks before we start school again we will be doing quite a bit of training on the new chores and making sure every one knows their new jobs and how I expect them to be done. I still need to schedule where and what I want everyone doing during "nap time" every day.

I've also got quite a few sewing projects I'm working on. Many of them are gifts or things for Miss C. I have a couple of "fun" things on my list of projects to, but they are at the end of the list and provide an incentive for me to keep working my way down the list! One of my projects will be to figure out a better storage solution for the girls' hair things. We were managing Miss E's fairly well, but our current system of a bin holding all of those types of things just is not working now that we have two girls in bows. I have a plan in mind, I just need to get all of the supplies and put it together. I think it will work out well and be cute, I'll post pictures once I get that one done.

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