Saturday, August 1, 2009

the laundry fairy strikes again

Well, our laundry fairy has been at it again. This time, however, she was also trying out some other skills. I'm not sure which one she was going for, but it could be housekeeping, librarian, or even Sunday school teacher. Whatever it was it was a bad combo! You see, Miss J LOVES to read. She often walks around with a book in her hand and more often than not that book is a Bible. We think it is great that she loves God's word already and encourage her in her love for it. She also likes to help out by picking up garbage and throwing it away. Really, she likes to do just about anything she sees her mommy doing. Well, yesterday she must have been doing all of these things at once. This morning my washing machine beeped at me and gave me an error code as it was doing a load of diaper laundry (yep, I cloth diaper my babies. I LOVE using cloth!) As I inspected I could tell that quite a bit of paper had gone through with this load, but I was stumped as to what it could be and what could have so much ink in it to have turned all of the diapers grey (you can see where this is going can't you?). Then I found it. The cover to Rob's NAS Bible (its black), one of Miss J's favorites. Ugh! Thats right a WHOLE Bible went through a whole extra long/ extra hot wash cycle (thank goodness we were dealing with "clean" gray, paper filled diapers!).
Rob spent the afternoon cleaning out the drainage pipes for the washer and it seems to be
running fine now. I'm so glad he is able to do things like that, he is the BEST!!!!! I've been rinsing diapers trying to get the paper and dye out of them, but they were washed with vinegar which sets dye, so I have little hope that they will ever be pretty again. Oh well...

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