Saturday, August 15, 2009

I did not forget the cake

Miss E has been wanting to celebrate her birthday with Grandad for quite some time (they share the same birth date), so she was happy to put off her birthday cake for a couple of days until we could get up to visit G'ma and Grandad. We headed up to their house and the kids got to have a great time exploring the house, yard and neighborhood lake. Miss E had requested that I make these sunflower cupcakes. She decorated the board under them with vines and leaves. She enjoyed directing the placement of the flowers on the cupcakes but decided to leave the piping of the frosting to me. I surprised her with the water mellon cookies. She loves water mellon, and I thought they would look cute with the cup cakes. She was thrilled with the result. Oh, and they tasted good too!
Rob enjoyed taking the kids out one at a time on the water tricycle that he played on as a child, while Grandad enjoyed fishing with the kids. The kids all enjoyed playing on and around the lake and were all able to cast out on their own (even Mr. S) though no one caught anything. Miss J was quite thrilled to watch me cast her line out and watch her bobber as she reeled in her line. Our very excited and adventurous Mr. M fell in the lake twice. Once on the tricycle with Daddy, but just up to his knees (you have to be quick with five kids, Rob didn't miss a beat and just pulled him up!), and once off the edge of the lake just
up to his belly. He quickly stopped himself from going all the way in and pulled himself out before we could get to him. I was so glad he kept a level head! We all had a good laugh after the moment of surprise and making sure he was okay.

The kids sure enjoyed the visit with G'ma and Grandad and all the fun food, activities and even some gifts!

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