Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer days!

It has really warmed up here the last few days, which seems to be normal around here for this time of year. Today was a great summer day, and very relaxing!

Rob took the kids outside in the morning to do bottle rockets. The contraption was supplied by G'ma (used by her classes when she was a teacher) and Grandad. Everyone got nice and wet and had a great time! After a while they got some little squirt guns out too, since they apparently felt that they were not getting wet enough from the rockets!
After lunch we all walked down to the corner market to get various ice cream treats. The kids had mentioned wanting to do that this morning and we figured that was a great idea on such a warm day. They all grabbed their wallets and had fun picking out, and buying their own treats. There is a picnic table outside the store so we all sat and enjoyed our treats before heading home for nap time.

After nap time we all went to the pool, it was busy there but not too bad. I took Miss J and Mr. S to the little kiddie pool, but after a while Mr. S moved on to the big pool (his first time getting to go to that one!). Mr. M came into the little pool, and then Miss J decided that Mr. M was worth braving the pool to play with (she usually just sits on the side and dips her toes). It's so funny, because she is always so excited to go to the pool, but once we get there she just wants to sit on the edge and people watch (she always has a great time). The water felt so good on my 3rd trimester body, I may have to go more often in the coming months.

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