Sunday, August 23, 2009

at the park

We went to the kids' favorite park on Friday. I try to do more of a "fun" school day on Fridays, we do circle time and then after that I try to have something planned like a trip to the park, children's museum, a field trip, or just playing games or some special activity if we need to stay home. All of the kids love this park, it is great for big kids all the way down to toddlers!

A favorite at this park is the big slide at the back. It is not a traditional slide in that you go down on these plastic roller things. They slow the
kids down a bit and make them bounce. My boys like to go down it together, often on each other. Mr. S likes to go down face first.

Miss J is getting brave on the play sets here. She so wants to be a big girl, but she got stuck at
the top of this set a couple of times not wanting to go down on her own. Mr. S is such a good big brother and followed her one time, trying to hold her hand and wanting to help her down the slide, she wanted nothing to do with him and went down the slide just fine on her own that time!

The big kids love climbing on this train. Miss J has taken an interest in
trains recently and just stood looking at it signing "train" to me. I'm glad she was not interested in getting on it this time though, I think I would have been a bit nervous having her on there without an adult and at this point I don't think I should be trying to climb around on there either!

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